Which is the Best 24/7 Hours Logistics Service Provider in Kolkata?

Logistics services by ship for the carriage of cars or bikes

Are you looking for affordable cost-effective Logistics Service in Kolkata? Then you have visited the right place. Yeah! Our company Aakash Group Packers and Movers provides two-wheeler or car transporter services with many years of experience and good reviews.

Why Choose Our Logistic Service?

As a result of providing this Logistics Service for so many years, we have become very attached to our customers. We know about the basic requirements of the customer. Still, just for your kind information, I would like to share some reasons to select us with your full confidence.


car carrier for Logistics Service
Cars Carrier Logistics Service in Kolkata


  • The first reason is that we provide this Logistics Service with care. We do so to ensure that products are not damaged. We know how much our customers worry about their products.
  • The second one is that we always focus on making short product delivery times. We do this because we know how much our customers care about it. So, We deliver your valuables Products Quickly and responsibly.
  • We know our customers are very concerned about the safety of their products. So we give 100% confidence to take care of your product and deliver it to the right place.
  • We always focus on delivering products quickly. Our customers care a lot about speed. So, we deliver your valuable products quickly and responsibly.
  • To keep a good customer relationship, we try to provide services at a good price. Our price is very cheap compared to the market rate.
  • We give our customers 24/7 support for any problem. It’s for any kind and under any circumstances in this Logistics Service. We never make a return after disappointing the customer.

To know more details about our Service and Charges, please feel free to Contact Us. Our Company Aakash Group Packers and Movers are always ready to provide you with all kinds of Logistics Services at any time.

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