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Kolkata has various packers and movers companies known for their specific strategies and services. Packers and Movers Charges Kolkata to Mumbai may vary based on factors such as the distance of the move, the volume of goods, and the level of service required.

Type of Move:

The distance between Kolkata to Mumbai are approximately 2000 km . Two types of Move like local  or long distance moves impacts on transport cost, fuel cost, toll tax etc.

For 1 BHK packing and handling charges are around 8000. Transportation charge 25000. Labour charges around 5000. Insurance charges are around 3000.

For 2 BHK Packing and handling charges are 1000. Transportation charges 30000. Labor charges 10000. Insurance charges around 5000.

For 3 BHK or 4 BHK Packing and handling price are 20000. Transportation charges are 60000. Labour charges are 20000. Insurance charges are 10000.

Volume of goods and nature of goods:

Such smaller moving purposes as 1 bedroom apartments or 1 room studios will cost less compared to larger bedrooms or large studio homes.

In the case of larger homes like 3-bedroom houses or 4-bedroom villas, the charge will increase overall because it will require more labour and manpower, as well as packaging materials.

For some high-volume items like antique materials, pianos, music instruments, and electronics gadgets, additional extra charges may apply for this type of packaging and its handling.

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Some basic services, including loading, transportation, and unloading of goods, are charged. Some full service moves, like packing, assembly, and deassembly of furniture, will incur extra charges. Furniture set up at the new location is more expensive, depending on the distance.

Packing Materials:

Packing materials are necessary for protecting goods during transportation. The cost depends on the quantity and types of materials.

Boxes: cardboard boxes range from 50 to 300 rupees.

Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is very useful to protect glass items; it costs around 150 to 1000 rupees.

Packing paper: packing paper is used for wrapping small kitchenware items. It’s costing around 100 to 300 kg.


Insurance is vital to cover any damage or loss during the move. The cost depends on the value of the goods

Basic transit insurance covers any type of damage due to accidents. The premium is approximately 1.5% of the declared value. Damages during loading, unloading, transporting, packing, and unpacking can have a can have a premium of around 3% of the of the declared value.

Season and Timing:

The price can be higher in peak season than normal season. Like, prices are higher during weekends and at the beginning or end of a month. During any festival, the price can be higher. Off-season rates can be lower during weekdays or peak off-month.

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Additional Charges:

Some additional charges may apply, like the long carry fee. The truck charges for every additional foot for the movers. Extra charges may apply if the movers have to climb stairs.

Express Delivery Charges:

If the customer needs their items delivered faster than the scheduled time, then additional charges apply for this purpose.

Vehicle Type:

The types of vehicle which are used in transportation like truck charges more coat. Dedicated truck charges more than shared truck.

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Checking the company’s official website or doing a detailed online search should help you find their contact number.

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