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Whether you are visiting Kolkata or need to transport your vehicle within the Kolkata area, finding a reliable car carrier services in Kolkata is important. From enclosed transport for luxury vehicles to open carriers and door-to-door services, we’ll help you navigate the process and make an informed decision when shipping your vehicle to or from Kolkata.

Top Rated Kolkata Car Shipping Specialists

At Aakash Group Packers & Movers, we provide one-to-one service with the help of industry-experienced shipping experts. With our years of experience in car shipping, we understand the intricacies of transporting your vehicle safely and on time, whether within the city or across the country.

Our experts ensure seamless car transportation right from picking up your car at the designated location to dropping it off at the destination of your choice. Our service is marked by transparency, communication and professionalism. Which makes us the preferred choice for many when it comes to Kolkata car shipping.

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Car Carrier Services Near Me in Kolkata

When it comes to car shipping or vehicle transportation in the Kolkata area, no one can beat Aakash Group Packers & Movers. As Kolkata’s trusted car transport experts, we proudly serve our clients in Kolkata and surrounding areas.

To get a car shipping quotation with Aakash Group Packers & Movers or start your shipment online, simply visit our website and fill in the required information. Should you have any questions, our experienced staff is always ready to assist you.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Kolkata

Now, let us know about the different types of car carriers and shipping services offered in Kolkata.

Open Car Transport

Open car transport is the most common and cost-effective method of car shipping. The vehicle is transported on a two-level carrier that is open to the elements and traffic. Nevertheless, it is considered safe and damage from the elements is rare.

Enclosed Car Transport

A more expensive alternative to open-car transport is closed-car transport. Cars are moved in enclosed carriers, as the name would imply. It also offers extreme protection from weather conditions and debris on the road and is ideal for luxury, classic or expensive cars.

Speedy Car Transport

Do you need to move your car quickly? Quick car transport may be the best option for you. Though the service comes at a premium, companies like Aakash Group Packers and Movers can ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination as quickly as possible. Just keep in mind that carrier availability becomes even more valuable here.

Aakash Group Packers And Movers Advantage

With over 25 years of reliable Kolkata car shipping services, Aakash Group Packers and Movers have earned our reputation as one of the most trusted car transport companies in Kolkata. Our experienced team of shipping experts strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. We also provide outstanding service throughout every part of the vehicle delivery process.

From complete car coverage to 24/7 online shipment tracking, we provide professional car carrier services you can depend on.

Ready to get started?

So, if you feel ready to get started, the process is simple. Call our shipping specialist (+91-8981140826/ +91-6290429600) or get a quote for car transportation online using our quote tool. We would be happy to assist you.

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