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Car Transport Service in Kolkata - Best Car Carrier Service in Kolkata

Introduction: Aakash Packers and Movers Kolkata, West Bengal, is the leading and most comprehensive relocation company. It is introducing itself as a remarkable company because it provides leading positions and the best Car transport service in Kolkata. Everyone wants to use advanced technology in this era, and this company keeps this in mind to prosper daily. 

Types of Car Transport Service:

  • Various luxury vehicles are transported from here to there with safety protection; vehicles are covered with a safety blanket for safety purposes. 
  • Personal cars of different sizes and colours also include model transport that others place with care and safety. 
  • Two-wheelers, motorcars, and minor vehicle transportation systems are available here.

Transport mode type: Aakash Packers and Movers Kolkata offer two transport modes.

1. Open Carry Mode: Types of economic conditions and choices in Car Transport Service for multiple cars loaded with an open trailer mood.

2. Enclosed Carries mood: Various luxury cars, vehicles, and personal cars have moved to another place with high protection. This purpose enclosed carries the mood used.

Features of Service: 

Vehicles are picked up at precisely the customer’s selected spot or location. Door-to-door service is available here, and We deliver to a specific area with safety protection while ensuring convenience. Insurance systems coverage for this company applies to all vehicles. During transportation, any incident or accident may result in insurance coverage applicable to all types of cars. Clients also noted our vehicle’s location. We tracked our location in real time using mobile network systems. Aakash Packers and Movers Company provides this type of advanced service to customers. 


Car Transport in Kolkata - Best Car Carrier Service in Kolkata
Car Transport in Kolkata
Car Carrier Service - Best Car transport
Car Carrier in Kolkata

Charges and payment methods: 

A clear and transparent pricing policy is available here. A detailed pricing list was noted for this company. Without any hidden charges or extra charges for carrying, replacing, replacing, etc. Multiple payment methods are available, including direct cash transfer, banking transfer, UPI, net banking, and digital banking. Every advanced technology is used for payment services so that clients can easily use the services of Aakash Packers and Movers. Features of Safety Well-trained staff: Experienced and expert staff handling all transportation systems. We are all well-trained and skilled. We pursue our duty in a well-mannered and specialist way.


Updates to Client: 

Aakash Packers and Movers Kolkata service regularly communicates with customers about our activities and service systems; we constantly share our status with clients about vehicles and our safety.

Booking processAfter discussing client priorities and demand needs, we schedule lists and provide services according to client requirements and preferences. After finishing the deal and agreement, we process the payment. 

Customer Support24×7 customer service is available here; for any checks and queries, if needed, we support customers at all times and handle any problems after post-service issues. 


Aakash Packers and Movers Kolkata services provide an eco-friendly transport system to customers through our advanced technology and transparency. Customers are interested in our services because of the company’s reliable, secure, and safe systems. For further enquiry contact us now.

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